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We are First-Class Medical Equipment Providers

El-hanan Ventures Limited is a First-Class Medical Equipment Providers and has become spaced out for the quality services. we render on installation, training and after-sales services. We represent a list of reputable and world class manufacturers of Medical Technology Solutions whom we chose from their world tested and trusted pedigree for quality and value for money. These include: Philips Medical - Netherland, Karl Storzs - Germany, Ade – Germany, Eppendorf – Germany.

It is a unit of the El-Hanan Ventures Limited that specializes in the sourcing and supply of medical/laboratory equipment, Hospital consumable and constructions of hospital. Our overall focus is to provide cost-beneficial medical equipment, services and solutions to the medical industry operators and service providers to develop sustainable quality healthcare services, with a commitment to delivering modern, but appropriate technology equipment (bearing in mind our infrastructural challenges) to meet customer specific requirements.

Our dynamic team has over 15-years' experience in the Health sector and has worked on a host of hospital new build and upgrade projects in both the Public and Private Health sectors within and outside the African Continent.


Services & Support offered

  • Medical Equipping Consultancy
  • Medical Equipping Procurement/Tendering. Installation, Commissioning and Testing of all equipment supplied.
  • Long-term Maintenance Contracts.
  • Clinical and Technical Training Update programmes (Local & International).
  • International Hospital Management Sourcing.
  • International Clinical Exchange Programmes.
  • After Sales Services (PPM, COM, EST)

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